Transform your practice into a wellness center with well-educated patients, a well-developed interdisciplinary network, and an emphasis on health, exceptional dentistry and saving lives.

Consulting programs focus on the implementation of systems and strategies with proven benefits for our patients’ whole-body health, interdisciplinary synergy within the medical and dental communities, and practice growth with economy of scale and sustainability.

Are you ready to get the results you want?

  • Align your team through a shared practice vision that fosters action and inspiration in all team members
  • Nurture a culture dedicated to a “wholistic” approach for comprehensive care and whole-body health
  • Determine appropriate expectations for accountability and integrity for the team
  • Develop your network of like-minded healthcare professionals to encourage integrative care
  • Utilize practice metrics daily and master the business systems which influence success
  • Pinpoint benchmarks, metric goals and expectations for whole-body health
  • Discover Five to Thrive strategies, resources and tools that can transform your patient care, team empowerment, and both personal and professional joy
Hannah’s Five to Thrive
Is your team aligned and committed to a common vision that is kept alive daily with known goals and aspirations?
Discover how to provide fundamental health to the 80% of Americans with oral infection and known medical implications.
Facilitating a network for integrated collaborative care provides the essential catalyst for whole body health.
The numbers don't lie! Keeping your patients and practice healthy is foreseeable when you have the road map to success.
Initiating a paradigm shift to an impactful transformation for all healthcare patients, practices and providers.
Dental Consultant Hannah Coffey

Customize your coaching solution with Hannah!

Customize your coaching solution with Hannah!

Full, Multiple or Partial Day Workshops
Live or Virtual

Become the catalyst that is needed to shift the paradigms of dentistry into the next era of healthcare.

"Hannah has been a great coach to me and to my staff. Her experience and wisdom in all aspects of a dental practice are invaluable. She is able to solve any problem and help with any situation that may arise. She understands the methodologies necessary to elevate any practice to the next level."

- Dr. Raul G. Molina, DDS, PA
Complete Health Dental Care Practice
University of Florida College of Dentistry Faculty Member
Southeast Florida Academy of General Dentistry Board of Directors

"Hannah helps breakdown communication barriers within the team. She has the ability to assess problems by asking simple questions and diving deep into the topic. Hannah gave us great into converting patients into a perio program. She helped build my confidence as a leader to ensure my voice was heard, understood and my plan carried out."

- Dr. Lisa Christy
Lighthouse Dental Group

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